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Advices and recommendations

How to store belts?
Belts should not be exposed to extreme temperature differences or stored on concrete because they can pull moisture very quickly, which can result in dimensional changes or troubles while working with them or cracking.
It is recommended to store the belts in the original packaging and, before placing them in the machine, hang them a few hours on specially prepared stands.
The ideal temperature is 18-22 ° C and humidity of 45-65%.
How to determine correct joint on belts?
When ordering, it is necessary to briefly describe the sanding process and our specialists will determine which joint will be the best for you!
How to calculate speed of rotation or diameter of driving belt?
For the correct use of abrasive materials, it is necessary to calculate the appropriate grinding or polishing speed, which depends on the drive belt diameter, and the engine speed.
At the following link, calculate SPEED CALCULATOR:

The headlights should be gradually grinded wit grits from P320-P1500. After that it should be polished with lamb wool and medium fine paste. At the end they should be polished with soft sponge and fine finish paste.
How to polish stainless steel tube after welding?
Practical video that shows how to grind and polish the connection point while welding stainless steel tubes.

How to polish plastic?
The plastic must first be gradually grinded to the granulation P2500. Then, with the help of polish sponges and polish pastes it can be polished to the desired finish.
The plastics can also be polished by using polishing wheels and special paste for hard plastics.

How to grind glass?
Glass, marble, granite, ceramics are processed with very hard abrasive materials based on SiC silicon carbide or with diamonds.

How to choose suitable belt?
Not sure what backing?
Not sure what grain?
Not sure what joint?

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